August 03, 2011

[Game 002] Final Fantasy (NES - 1987)

This quintessential console RPG set the bar quite high for others to reach.  With a four member party structure and six very distinct classes, this gave FF a high degree of replayability.  Difficulty of the game can be adjusted with different party combinations.  A party with two Fighters, a White and a Black Mage will have a much easier time than a party of four White Mages.  Some have had the balls to do solo runs which cranks the difficulty to new heights.  For this run however, it'll be a standard party (Fighter, Black Belt, White Mage, Black Mage) to ensure a more comprehensive play through.

The game starts off with a typical "save the princess" quest.  After purchasing weapons and armour and few spells for the mages, it was off to face Garland, who lives just a few blocks away.  The few fights on the way were easy enough and when we arrived at Garland's castle, we rushed him in his bat-infested throne room.

Uhhh.. I'll be back in a few levels.

In the second attempt, the gang explored the rest of his (quite small) castle.  The treasures and fights within gave the few levels needed to eventually beat Garland down.  The King is quite pleased at the return of the princess and in gratitude he builds a bridge to the lands of the north.

Our reward is infrastructure for your
kingdom?  Screw you, King.

When the party goes to cross the bridge, the game stops and gives a nice little sequence with the overall story line and credits (see opening screenshot).  This "official" beginning of the game is something I really like.  It makes it feel more like the beginning of an epic movie.  We stumble across Matoya's Cave and she indirectly gives us our second quest.

You should be more concerned with
who just emptied those 3 chests.

With no leads on where said CRYSTAL is, heading east seems to be the only viable option.  We come across the town of Pravoka which is currently being bullied by pirates.  Since we Warriors of Light are the pinnacle of all that is right and just, we beat the bullies down and stole their boat.

A boat this early?  Gear!

Sailing around a bit gave Nung a chance to work out some of the kinks in his LIT spell but was an otherwise uneventful cruise to ... *sigh* Elfland.  The elves have much better spells and equipment available than back in Humanland.  We paid a visit to the Elven Castle and, big shock, they got problems which no one else can possibly solve.

Maybe he's asleep because
he's already had some herb?

Stocking up on Heal and Pure potions, the party gets ready to make its way to the Castle of Astos.  We'll need those Pures since quite a few creatures around here like to poison.  Poison is workable as long as there is enough extra gold around to purchase Pures.  The most annoying part of getting poisoned is that after the battle, the game puts the poisoned character to the bottom position in the party order.  After I purify the character immediately after the combat, I have to spend valuable seconds rearranging the order back to the proper setting.  I hate it when programs try to help you out.  Anyhow, here's some skin to tide everyone over while we search for Astos.

I'll be in my bunk.