August 10, 2011

Final Fantasy - End Game

*sigh*... Fine.  I guess we'll stop flying around and save the world.  Two more Fiends remain to be dispatched, Kraken (Water) and Tiamat (Air).  Both have a fetch quest to do before entering their base, just like the previous Elements.  First though is a side quest to upgrade our character classes.  The Dragon King Bahamut lives on an island which is only accessible with the (super sweet) airship.  He sends us on another fetch quest to the Castle of Ordeals to get what ends up being a rat's tail.  After he chows down (?) on that, we get digivolved to the higher classes.  In addition to sprite changes, the spellcasters get access to more powerful spells, the fighter (now a knight) gets access to some low level white spells (which I never used), and while the black belt (now grand master) didn't get magic, he started hitting for lots more damage.

We's all growed up.

Around this time, the party started accumulating flavour items.  These are weapons and armours that have a special ability that can be invoked in combat.  Most of the items duplicate one of the white or black spell effects.  Since the items have infinite charges in them, they made the White and Black Mages a lot more useful in the minor combats where we don't want to waste Magic Points.  This is something that was sorely missing from Ultima: Exodus.  It really adds to the pleasure of seeking out all the nooks and crannies in the dungeons to find every last chest.  Diving down to the Kraken's lair was made all the easier due to these items.

Calamari coming up in two turns.

By far the item that was worked the most was the Healing staff wielded by Luna.  This casts a low level Heal spell which cures a few Hit Points for each member of the group.  It was critical in saving on using Heal Potions as we descended into the depths.  The tower in which Tiamat sits and broods was a piece of cake as was Tiamat herself.

The first Element to last more than two rounds.

Now that all the orbs are a-shinin', it's time to go back to Garland's castle and go 2000 years into the past to stop Chaos.  End Boss Chaos is all the Elements combined in a whirling maelstrom of raw elemental energy.  It totally lasted more than three rounds so I was quite proud of it even after I Masamune'd it right in its stupid face.

Luna's flippin' the bird.

After Chaos crumbles into a billion pixels, the flow of time loops every 2000 years was restored or balanced or something.  I dunno.  They kinda lost me when the time traveling was thrown in at the end.  Final Fantasy is certainly deserving of the praise it receives and has aged fairly well.  It set the gold standard in so many aspects of RPGs which I'm sure I'll be gushing over when the ranking is completed.