July 29, 2011

Ultima III - End Game

The trip through the castle went pretty well in regard to battles.  There were plenty of places for the party to lame-regen and the only new monsters were some floor tiles that were effectively invisible.  Which didn't matter because they still just move down one each turn like every other creature in the game.  After two sets of those, the cards were to come into play.  Death, Love, Sun, and Moons were to all be placed to seal Exodus.  I didn't think the order mattered but that changed as soon as I dropped the first card and everyone died.  I couldn't recall anyone telling me about any dang order so I brute forced my way through it.  Good thing the fights were cake at this point as each trip in only took about 10-15 minutes.  I (correctly) guessed that Death would be in the fourth slot, so there wasn't that many combinations to try out.

Yeah, love'll do that to you.

Just as I'm thinking "Wait, if I'm sealing Exodus, how am I going to fight him?", the place starts coming down all around me.  It was just like that classic action movie trope where huge boulders and chunks of architecture are falling all around them.  It was just like that, except for the 'all around them' part.  Died twice trying to get out of that place.

"I'm too old for this shit!" <- also classic

Aha! So the sealing didn't work and Exodus is breaking out and that's why the place is shaking apart and when we get out we'll enter the final battle with Exodus and OMG! there's the exit!  Just a few more steps and....

AAAAIIIEEEE!  It's hideous!

At first, I was a little ticked at being denied what could have been a challenging fight (as long as Rot didn't work on him) but then I realized "What a twist!".  So many RPGs, both new and old, incorporate the kill the foozle plot device.  With Exodus being mentioned frequently by townspeople, it never occured to me that such an old game wouldn't have an end boss.  Bravo, Mr. Garriott, bravo.

Before the next game gets underway, an analysis and breakdown of this one must occur before I'm granted access to proceed.  Will follow shortly.